Feb. 7th, 2009

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Well met all! This is a shameless plug for our WoW guild, MoonBough, on the Cenarion Circle server. I am the guild master and my character Vrethij, a level 17 Night Elf Priest, holds the charter. Currrently we are about halfway to completing our charter and would welcome new members for completing the charter and, of course, some really fun gaming. To our knowledge ours is the only LGBT-friendly guild on the server. When we first announced it in the WoW recruitment forums all kinds of ugliness surfaced, but our friends and allies rose to the challenge and handily dealt with those who would like to see us go away and stay away. Below is the text of the announcement. All are invited to check the forums for reference. Thank you for your indulgence, Laughing

About Us: We (Don and David) are an older gay married couple (ages 39 and 49 respectively, married in MA and currently living in the Boston area) with Alliance and Horde characters on the Cenarion Circle realm. We are relatively new to WoW but desiring of a regular, LGBT accepting, family-friendly guild in which to game and continue learning/growing and having fun. Don is a full-time public health researcher for a university in Boston and is finishing a doctorate half-time in health services research with a special interest in the measurement of LGBT health outcomes; he is also a member of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. David has recently returned to school full-time to complete his undergraduate degree. We have been fans of Blizzard since the early, pre-online version of Diablo.

Why Found an LGBT-Friendly Guild? While new to WoW we have played other MMOGs for several years. Over that time we have heard stories of LGBT guild members being afraid to "come out" to their guild mates and also witnessed some comments and behavior in the past among gamers that could be interpreted as homophobic. Our primary motivation in forming MoonBough was to create a safe gaming space for LGBT persons, their friends, and their families; we also welcome adult LGBT accepting members of all races, ethnicities, genders and sexual identities.

What Are the Requirements for Joining MoonBough?

1). Be age 18 or older and LGBT-accepting (prefer age 21 or older, but will also consider potential membership requests from those between the ages of 18 and 21)

2) Willing to help those new to WoW to grow, learn and develop (willingness to create a new character to help newbies is especially welcome)

3) Accepting of those who choose to have families (LGBT or otherwise) and willing to include some "family game nights" free of adult language or sexual content as part of the gaming experience so that MoonBough family members under the age of 18 can have a chance to participate with their parents or adult family members.

4) Please have at least one non-guilded Alliance character that you would be willing to have sign our charter and play as part of MoonBough (Horde characters are also welcome, but for the purposes of guild-formation the charter is currently Alliance-side, and held by our Charter Master, Vrethij).

What About RP? David and Don both love RP and RP members are always welcome. Our goal is to offer a combination of RP and non-RP gaming experiences to reflect the interests of our membership and we deliberately chose RP-appropriate names for both the guild and our characters.

What Is the Status of MoonBough's Guild Formation? As of 02/01/2009 we have four members and are actively recruiting new members. New potential members can expect an e-mail exchange with me and/or David and if that goes well, an invitation to "meet" and play together in-game. If that goes well, you will receive an invitation to sign our charter and join our Google Group. Under NO circumstances do we offer gold or items in exchange for charter signatures; we want those who join MoonBough to join us because they want to be here.

Our Google Group pages are restricted to members to protect the privacy of our membership. Friends and family members of MoonBough members are, of course, also welcome to join. We also have no intention of becoming a huge guild. It is important to us that everyone has a chance to really get to know one another, become friends, and enjoy large and small group gaming together. For that reason we will cap our membership at 25 and close recruitment at that time.

Who Do I Contact to Join? Please send an e-mail to Don at ravenstorm27@gmail.com with a brief description of how you learned about us and why you'd like to join.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!
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